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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

halfway there: beCAUSE

1/ the middle of... equal distance from...ALMOST THERE!

beCAUSE she cares is halfway to their goal...$200.00. 

{4 Japan} {4 Cancer}

After the earthquake in Japan, Mikaela decided to make a stand.  She collected her friends, emptied her coin purse and began to share the need.  

Going door to door she knocked for the CAUSE. The CAUSES are Japan and Cancer.  We all have been affected by one of these Causes and children are no exception.  They notice the subtle and not-so-subtle.  So when a child decides to take action, we listen. 

Pennies + dimes + dollars = $100.00

Japan will RISE. The sun has not set on this beautiful country.  People get ready for a huge AWAKENING!

{4 Cancer}... to give towards the fight. 

We would like to thank the Prosperous and Successful blog for featuring beCAUSE: she cares last week.  
Check out the link below to find out about some amazing organizations dedicated to making a difference.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

beCAUSE She Cares

The smile wraps around her face as she approaches the stylists chair.  She is always giving, caring and loving others but this time she wants to give more...her hair.  
Last night we poured over the different organizations that take donated hair. The deciding factor many inches will they cut?  She knew that she wanted to give her hair, but how much would she be left with?  So, we found the Pantene organization that would accept hair cut at 8".  Okay that was the one we would give to!  Mikaela, even with her giving heart, still wanted to maintain a certain level of comfort, minus a few inches.  Off we go to the Image West Salon and the van was filled with excitement and fear, but her determination remained a girl a chance to feel pretty.  Little Mikaela could not image life without hair, it was hard enough to lose a few inches, but she pressed on!  We arrive and tell the stylist what she was about to do and the criteria for submission.
Snip...Snip...Snip.... It is cut!  No turning back!

She is amazing. I watched her smile turn to a stare as she evaluated the decision that she made.  It was gone.  Mikaela sat patiently as her hair was cut, evened and blown dry.  
Then in the car she cried.  Her hair was gone and she came out a little shorter than she had hoped for! She now could donate to Locks of Love and give a child a wig.  As we talked over the weight of her decision, she began to feel lighter and smiled at the thought of a little girl enjoying the hair she once wore.  Mikaela's sacrifice came at a big cost but beCAUSE she cares another with reap the benefit of her loss.... a wig.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

A girls quest to fight cancer and restore Japan

It started with a thought and grew into an idea.  
One girl and three friends wanting to help people that are in need.  
The need is cancer, a scary disease for young kids and older kids too!  

She wants to help cancer patients fight this disease and her biggest concern was to help them because they lose their hair.  Out of this, Mikaela's heart was torn and left wanting to do something...WHY?...beCAUSE!

beCAUSE she can, beCAUSE she hurts for those in need, beCAUSE she wants to be the change!

So, why stop with cancer, Mikaela added Japan too.  It is just like a child to know no bounds. I love her heart and how she goes for it ALL.  

So tonight, she gathered her "cash box" and went door to door with her friends, to help in a way that she can...collect money.  They collected $50.00 and made a plan to continue until they reach their goal, which is $200.00.  They were so excited to go door to door and collect money, it was like they were going trick or treating for candy.